Law Of The Jungle In Manado

Dated Released : January 6, 2017 –
Quality : 540p HDTV
Info : wikipedia/Law_of_the_Jungle
Theme : the Rising Star of 2017
Location : Sumatra
Genre : Adventure, Documentar
Network :SBS

South Korean reality-documentary show on SBS. It was first aired on October 21, 2011. This show is a hybrid of reality-variety television, natural documentaries, and human drama; a new concept of programming.[1] The cast of celebrities travel to less-habitated, natural places to survive on their own and experience life with local tribes and people.[2] Originally airing at the Friday 11:05 pm KST time slot, the program was switched into Good Sunday beginning May 6, 2012, airing before Running Man at the 5:00 pm time slot, replacing K-pop Star Season 1.[3] With the return of K-pop Star Season 2 to Good Sunday, the program returned to Friday nights but airing at 10:00 pm instead beginning November 16, 2012.[4] Originally airing as Kim Byung-man’s Law of the Jungle (Korean: 김병만의 정글의 법칙) after the creator and “clan leader” Kim Byung-man, “Kim Byung-man’s” was dropped from the title after episode 40.


Law of the jungle eps 256 – 264 in Sumatra
Member : Kim Byung Man, Kim Se Jeong (IOI), Kang Nam (MIB), Sungjae, Peniel (Btob), Jo Bo-ah, Shin (Cross Gene), Lee byung ku, KCM, hoi jong hoon (FT Island), o Se-ho, Ji Sang-ryeol