Go Ho The Starry Night New Eps 01

Dated Released : 10-22-2016 to 10-30-2016
Quality : 720p HDTV
Info : viki.com/tv/31638c-gogh-the-starry-night
Viki Rating : 8.6 (8 users)
Nielsen :
Star : Kim Young Kwang, Kwon Yury, Lee Ji Hoon
Genre : Idol Drama, Romance, Comedy, Korean Drama
Episode : 20
Network : SBS
Runtime : Saturday & Sunday 22:00
Status : On Going


How can you succeed in your job when your boss is your ex-boyfriend? Go Ho (Kwon Yuri) works hard to get ahead at her job with an advertising agency. She enjoys everything about her job, except for one thing – her boss is Kang Tae Ho (Kim Young Kwang), who happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Despite the tensions with Tae Ho, Go Ho finds that she is attracting the attention of Hwang Ji Hoon (Lee Ji Hoon) and a few other men around her. Can Go Ho find the happiness she seeks in both her career and personal life? “Gogh, The Starry Night” is a 2016 web drama directed by Jo Soo Won. It drama was a co-production between China and South Korea.