First Kiss For The Seventh Time

Dated Released : Dec 5, 2016 to Jan 5, 2017
Quality : 540p, 720p WEB-RIP
Info :
Star : Lee Minho, Lee jongsuk, Ji changwook, Lee Jonggi,
—— Kai Exo, Taecyeon, Park hae jin, Lee Cho Hee
Genre : Drama, Romance
Type : Web drama
Episode : 8
Network : Naver Tv
Status : END

In ‘First Kiss for the Seventh Time’, goddess Choi Ji Woo lets Lee Cho Hee meet 7 handsome men. Lee Cho Hee attempts to pick the perfect partner for her first kiss among them. Her options are Lee Jong Suk, playing a top star, Ji Chang Wook, a sexy secret agent, Lee Joon Gi, a chaebol and church oppa, Park Hae Jin, a romantic boss, Kai the adorable younger student, Taecyeon, a naive rich kid, and Lee Min Ho, a free spirit traveler.