Climbing To Spring

Dated Released : 14 June 2014
Quality : BluRay 720p
Info :
IMDB Rating : 6.5 (31 users)
Star : Ken’ichi Matsuyama, YĆ» Aoi, Sosuke Ikematsu
Genre : Drama

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An alpine story of family, determination and destiny.Toru grew up in the Tateyama mountain ranges: alpine country. As a child, he resented the yearly trek up the mountain with his father to prepare their mountain hut for the summer season of climbers. When Toru grows up he leaves his hometown, entering the working world as a stock trader and becoming another office worker. But when Toru receives word that his father has passed away, he returns to Tateyama once again and becomes conscious of a new calling. But does Toru have what it takes to follow in his father footsteps?